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Why should I use ProGo Property Management to manage my home? +
There are several advantages to using a ProGo Property Management company as opposed to self-management of your rental property. The main and most important reason is that it relieves you, the home owner, of stress and worry about your property. A ProGo Property Management will handle maintenance and emergency repairs, collection of rent in a timely manner, and application of accurate federal and state laws.  Tenants know we are watching them, taking photos of the home bimonthly and frequents walk through.

ProGo Property Management uses cutting edge technology for all bookkeeping, work order processing, and all management solutions. We submit monthly ledger reports to our owners via our website, so you can check the activity on your property and view your statements anytime. We make payments by direct deposit to owner accounts on or before the 10th day of each month. We also have the ability to accept payments and feedback forms directly from our website. We also subscribe to the most effective property management marketing systems that provide enhanced exposure to our property’s and our company’s services.

Maintenance is handled in an efficient manner with quality contractors that are licensed and insured. Maintenance labor is billed directly to the owner’s account and can be paid out of proceeds from rent.
How much will my home rent for? +

We do a detailed analysis of the rental market, factoring in your home age, condition, location, and amenities along with the conditions of the current rental market. For more information and specifics on your property, please fill out form on Why Hire ProGo Realty we will be glad to give you our opinion of rental value with no obligation on your part.

How long will it take for my home to rent? +
There are three main factors that determine how quickly a home will rent – price, property condition, and market condition. Obviously, the nicer home at the lower price rents first. Market conditions also control the time issue. The broad recurring predictions stand as: summer = fast moving market, winter (especially approaching the holidays) = slow market. Due to our uncertain economic times and the high number of distressed properties entering the market, we have experienced a saturation of the market as well and will experience the effects of that as long as it is present.
How do I know whether it is in my best interest to rent out rather than just sell my home? +
Ask one of the experts here at ProGo Realty! They are prepared to do the research needed and keep you informed so you can make an educated decision. Whatever you decide, we can help!
Do you show the houses or give out a code for the lockbox? +
We always show our rental houses.   We want to know who is in the house and make sure the house is locked up and maintained- especially when houses are vacant. ProGo Realty uses Pensacola Realtor Lockboxes.  These lockboxes that can only be accessed by licensed Realtors.  These sophisticated lockboxes text and email ProGo Realty when opened by any Realtor. No keys will be given out! We are unlike other management companies that give tenants the lockbox code or keys, your property will only be shown.
How do you handle maintenance issues? +
Tenants can put requests online 24/7 or they can call our Maintenance line.  We have a Maintenance Coordinator who contacts the tenant to assess what the best contractor would be for the situation.  Depending on the situation, the Maintenance Coordinator will text/call the owner and/or contractor to resolve the situation.
Do you mark-up maintenance fees? +
We only charge owners what the contractors charge.  All receipts are available for the owner in their online owner portal.  We require contractors to be licensed and insured.  ProGo Realty uses reliable contractors who over reasonable prices. We do not mark up parts like other companies so you receive the best work at the best price, if any issues occur.
How does ProGo Property Management get paid? +
We get paid only when rent is collected. We put our money, time, and expertise on the line to market your home. We recover those costs when we rent the home.
What are the 'upfront' costs? +
ProGo Property Management requires no upfront out of pocket costs. We get paid only when rent is collected. The only initial costs will be to get the property into top condition, so that we can attract top tenants. We also ask that you place a nominal amount into your account to be used as a maintenance reserve.
What will be required to get the home on the rental market? +
We require that the home be clean, free of possessions, and in good condition. We require the carpets to be professionally cleaned, because we will require the same out of the tenants when they move out. If maintenance or cleaning is needed, we can help you with contractors and vendors to get the home in shape and oversee work at no additional costs. In fact, we will probably be able to save you money!
Can I choose to disallow pets, smokers, large families, etc? +
We comply fully with the Fair Housing Act. This means that you are unable to disallow anyone that is a member of a protected class under the act. You can choose to disallow pets and not permit smoking in your home, but you cannot deny a service animal.
What is Fair Housing? +
Fair Housing Act Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act), as amended, prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of dwellings, and in other housing-related transactions, based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status (including children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women, and people securing custody of children under the age of 18), and handicap (disability). For more on the Fair Housing Act please contact HUD.
What is ProGo Realty's pet policy? +
We leave the decision of accepting pets up to the owner. You can either allow or disallow pets and also allow you to put certain stipulations on which pets to accept, such as weight restrictions. 2 pet maximum.  We will ask prospective tenants that do have pets to pay a $300 refundable pet fee per pet. All pets are to be disclosed at the time of application and will be approved with you, the property owner. We do not accept any high risk breeds of dogs due to insurance and liability issues.
Where do you advertise? +
Since the majority of our population is technologically driven these days, we primarily use the internet to advertise our properties. Our signage, yard and directional signs, have text which are designed especially for your property. This makes it easier for prospective tenants to get information regarding your property directly to their phone. We are also always working to heighten our internet presence. Some websites that we are currently using include: Zillow, Pensacola MLS, Realtor.com, and many more. Our current system syndicates out to 27 addition sites.  We do not advertise on Craigslist, our properties are high end and we have not found quality tenants.  We try to include all possible pictures to showcase your property to prospective tenants as well as all applicable details to give them a good idea of the home.  We will include a floor plan if you have one available. 
How do you screen applicants for my property? +
Our rental application centers around four areas: credit, income, criminal background, and rental history.
When can I expect to receive rental payments? +
We typically pay owners on or around the 10th of each month. If you have direct deposit service with us, you will receive this payment along with your monthly statement. If rent has not been collected, you will be notified around the 6th of the month to decide on how you would like to proceed.
How do I set up my online account? +
When you become a client with ProGo Realty, you will receive a welcome letter that will have detailed instructions on setting up your online account. If you have any trouble or questions, you may contact our office for personal assistance.
Can I get a copy of the current lease contract? +
Yes, a copy of the lease should be uploaded to your online account as soon as it is available. For paper copies of the lease, please contact our office.
What happens when a tenant is in breach of the lease contract? +
We want to keep the good tenants happy and quickly remove the bad ones. Once a violation has occurred, we will post legal notice to the tenant with an opportunity to cure the violation. If the violation is not cured, it will be forwarded to our attorney for eviction filings. We do not waste time in following the legal process to collect rent or enforce the lease terms. When rent is not paid in full and on time, a 3 day eviction notice will be personally serves to each late tenant. Prior to notices being posted, our staff will contact each late tenant by phone and email to inform them of our collection policies. We will collect the rent due or evict the tenant, if needed.
Who does maintenance repairs on my property? +
Our vendors are all affordable and provide quality service. We only hire licensed and insured vendors to perform maintenance on your home. Most of our vendors have been doing business with us for years and we highly recommend their services. We also pay our vendors quickly, we do not wait until we receive rent.  Venders will put our requests for repairs ahead of others.
Can I get multiple bids for repairs? +
Absolutely. We try to get multiple quotes on maintenance for your property when the job is significantly larger and more complex than usual. Such issues include painting, roofing, flooring, air conditioning issues, etc. In some cases, we are unable to receive multiple quotes due to the urgent nature of some calls and the desire to prevent further problems.
Do I need to take care of the lawn? +
Tenants typically handle all lawn care and maintenance. We do offer full landscape services to you or tenant as an option.
Should I cancel my utilities after I move out? +
No.. Make sure to leave the utilities in your name until transferring over to the new tenant when they move in. If you cancel, there is a risk of damage during cold weather (e.g. Plumbing, appliances, sump pumps) and it’s a lot more work getting them turned back own as a “new” service under the tenant’s name.
Do I have to continue to have homeowners insurance or will the tenant be responsible for insurance? +
We are TENANT insurance Yes, you should maintain a landlord policy on the property. The tenants can’t carry homeowners insurance since they don’t own the house, but we mandate all tenants to carry renters insurance for personal their belongings. It’s always a good to contact your insurance agent and let them know your renting the house and make sure you are protected.
I would like to move out of my house within 6 weeks. When should we start the process? +
Today. It’s never a good thing to wait until the last minute, especially in today’s economy. It’s a perfect time to start lining up prospective tenants.
Are you licensed? +
Yes, All our agents in ProGo Realty and Property Management are licensed Real Estate Agents and Realtors with the Pensacola Association of Realtors.
Can you put the money directly into my account? +
Yes, we can EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) into your bank account.
Do you sell real estate too? +

We do!  We are a full service Real Estate Brokerage Firm.

How is rent collection handled? +
Tenants have several options to pay rent on or before the 1st of the month.  They can pay online with a Credit Card or Check or they can drop off a check at our office.
How long of a lease do you sign? +
We only have leases one day less than 365 days.  70% of our Tenants  renew their lease after one year.  Leases longer than a year- only protect the Tenant.
How much security deposit do you charge the tenant? +
Typical Security Deposit is one full months rent.  Accepted low credit applicants may be approved to pay 2 months Security Deposit.  Pets are additional Security Deposits.
How soon can you start managing my property? +
We can start managing it the day you turn in the Management Agreement and Forms.
What type of properties do you manage? +
We only manage Single Family Homes in Pace and Milton Florida.
What type of reports do I get and how often? +
Owners have 24/7 access to their Owner Portals.  In addition to the Owner Portals, we send monthly statements with all accounting for that month and all receipts.
Who holds the tenant security deposit? +
Florida Statues states that all Security Deposits be held in non-interest bearing accounts in the state of Florida.  We hold the Tenant’s Security Deposits.
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